About Dana McCartney Candillo

Dana McCartney Candillo has been married to Rocky Candillo for 18 years and they have 4 children and 5 grandchildren together. They have been involved in the ministry of the church for many years as her husband was a Youth Pastor and a Board Member at a Mega Church in Kansas City in former years. Dana is a licensed and ordained minister through World Harvest Church. She has her Bachelor of Science Degree and is a Registered Nurse as well she is the Founder of The Lion's Beauty Queens, Inc., a ministry that reaches out to women in the sex industry. LBQ is currently outreaching to a total of 22 strip clubs in Kansas City, MO, KS, and San Diego/Oceanside, California. She is extremely passionate about empowering women on their journey! Bold, Brave, and Inspirational-Her own journey and Divine Rescue from the sex industry has come full circle and brought her into her destiny and purpose. She has a great desire to see women set free, redeemed, and restored. No Matter where you've been or what you've done, you are a Daughter of the King!

Dose: #22 Mental Alertness

Are you aware of your surroundings? Are you mindful of day to day happenings in the physical world around you? Are you alert to the felt yet unseen spiritual world that wars for your mind and soul every hour, every minute of the day? Are you cognitive that the supernatural realm effects the natural [...]

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Dose: #21 Emotional Acceptance

Have you ever felt strong negative emotions that you chose to avoid and stuff down? Negative emotions can be accepted and in turn become good. When we avoid these emotions there becomes a tendency to reach for poor coping mechanisms that over time can turn into addictions, only to mask pain. In avoiding and [...]

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Dose: #20 Spiritual Security

What if tomorrow were your last day on earth? Would you feel Fear for your eternal security or Peace? Have you surrendered your heart and life to Jesus, who holds the keys to life and heaven? When we have spiritual security in HIM, everything here in our daily walk changes. Why? Because Intimacy with [...]

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Dose: #19 Physical Stamina

What does it mean to physically stand with Staying Power? When the storms of life come, what does it take to stand firm with physical strength in a turbulent climate? It not only requires physical exercise but putting on the proper attire. Good survival skills are a must! Proper training for staying power should [...]

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Dose: #18 Mental Endurance

Have you ever faced a challenging crossroad? Has that crossroad ever seemed impossible? It appears to be too wide, too deep, too threatening. In our minds we cannot see or envision the other side. Our mental focus can hold us back from stepping out in Faith and creating action that will ultimately bridge the [...]

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Dose: #17 Emotional Rest

Do you ever feel like life is throwing curve balls, multiple things coming at you at once and you find yourself trying to dodge being knocked down? It happens in many forms. With so much happening in the world today, it’s even easy to get emotionally invested in the chaos from television, social media, [...]

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Dose #16: Spiritual Leaning

Leaning into the Word means to have a positioned posture to receive, accept and ultimately apply the learned material and/or revelation to your daily life and walk with Christ. Leaning into a message, spoken word and focusing on what is meant specifically for you has the ability to transform your heart and mind. Transformation [...]

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Dose #15: Physical Well-Being

Did you know that changes in your day to day routine, regular time away, vacation, and time alone-sabbaticals can strengthen you physically? When the mind is overloaded and stressed it is simply a matter of time before the body feels the effects. If you’re in constant fight or flight mode, the cardiovascular system, nervous [...]

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Dose #14: Mental Gain

King Solomon didn’t ask for fame and fortune...He asked for Wisdom. As we seek wisdom and knowledge our mind becomes challenged and intellect builds. God brings Instructors, teachers, and advisors into our midst that we may glean from them and learn. When we accept the word that says iron sharpens iron and practice with [...]

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Dose #13: Emotional Stability

One big factor in emotional stability is Trust. When we trust God, we remove our human capabilities of emotional strength and trust that He will calm, soothe, give peace, and make our days and burdens lighter. Trusting Him is very beneficial to our inner peace and confidence. Who or what are you trusting in [...]

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