Dose: #19 Physical Stamina

What does it mean to physically stand with Staying Power? When the storms of life come, what does it take to stand firm with physical strength in a turbulent climate? It not only requires physical exercise but putting on the proper attire. Good survival skills are a must! Proper training for staying power should be practiced and put in place long before the atmosphere changes! Physical stamina can pull from our mental, emotional, and spiritual reserves.

Example: a winter storm can come in the form of a death, a job loss, a prodigal child, a physical impairment, or a traumatic tragedy.

Healthy Choice: I can make decisions today to build my physical stamina so that when a storm arrives, I will not fall. I will prepare myself in the Word that gives me full instruction on strength and stamina. I will develop a diet and exercise program that is most beneficial and unique to me. I can mentally role play scenarios and develop my desired responses and outcomes. I know that my holistic preparation will prompt and aide my physical reactions and overall stamina.

Diet Tip: Leafy greens, peanut butter, and fish are great sources for building stamina.

Daily Devotional: Ephesians 6:11

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