Dose: #20 Spiritual Security

What if tomorrow were your last day on earth? Would you feel Fear for your eternal security or Peace? Have you surrendered your heart and life to Jesus, who holds the keys to life and heaven? When we have spiritual security in HIM, everything here in our daily walk changes. Why? Because Intimacy with the Holy Spirit creates spiritual security and that in turn begins to reflect in the Fruit we bare.

Example: Spiritual Fruit is growth that proves we are connected to the vine!

Fruit of the spirit is Impossible without connection and intimacy. True Fruit of the Spirit is revealed in our actions as: Love, Joy, Peace, Forbearance, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self-Control. As this continues to produce and grow our faith is built and spiritual security abides.

Healthy Choice: Today, I will search my heart and decide whom I will serve. I know I cannot serve two masters. I will choose to fully surrender to the Lord, Jesus Christ. I can begin studying the Word and applying it to my life. I will find a home church and teach my children, as well lead others to the Lord. When fear comes my way I will overturn it by quoting scriptures that bring security.

Diet Tip: Daily Bread (the Word of God) will fill you to overflowing satisfaction and security.

Daily Devotional: Galatians 5:22-23

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Dana McCartney Candillo has been married to Rocky Candillo for 18 years and they have 4 children and 5 grandchildren together. They have been involved in the ministry of the church for many years as her husband was a Youth Pastor and a Board Member at a Mega Church in Kansas City in former years. Dana is a licensed and ordained minister through World Harvest Church. She has her Bachelor of Science Degree and is a Registered Nurse as well she is the Founder of The Lion's Beauty Queens, Inc., a ministry that reaches out to women in the sex industry. LBQ is currently outreaching to a total of 22 strip clubs in Kansas City, MO, KS, and San Diego/Oceanside, California. She is extremely passionate about empowering women on their journey! Bold, Brave, and Inspirational-Her own journey and Divine Rescue from the sex industry has come full circle and brought her into her destiny and purpose. She has a great desire to see women set free, redeemed, and restored. No Matter where you've been or what you've done, you are a Daughter of the King!

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