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  • We are ALL on a Journey...and we ALL have a Powerful Story! During your journey, have you ever Dreamed of Becoming More?...Have you been held back by past failures, poor choices, memories of haunting circumstances, or unresolved current conflict? Are you listening to voices that question your value or worth? Are you believing lies that say you aren't good enough or you'll never make it? What if your setbacks were really setups? What if those Lies could be crushed and replaced with Truth? What if there were MORE?...Good News! God's Word says...THERE IS MORE! You were made for More! You were Born on Purpose, For a Purpose! You are Royalty in God's Kingdom! Today is the day to take authority! There was Beauty before Brittany and Beauty before WHATEVER has you entangled, stuck, and trying to hold you back! Come Journey and Dream with me for your time of healing, growing and discovering your true identity and the Door to your Destiny is NOW! Living a life of full FREEDOM Awaits you and with that you will discover that your freedom and your story will be the key and propelling catalyst to unlocking someone else's pain and prison!
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  • A Riveting and Powerful Memoir of the transformation and metamorphosis of a young girl living the “glamorous life” of a model and a stripper, whose life de-railed and de-escalated to a rapid halt! It is the story of a Divine Appointment and a Divine Rescue from the Sex Industry. Walking in True Freedom, only found in God, she returned and Founded The Lion’s Beauty Queens, Inc., a ministry reaching out to women in the Sex Industry.

    As a child Dana endured the death of a parent, father in prison, dysfunctional environment of alcoholism and drugs, poverty, abuse, neglect, and was sexually abused by age 8. A troubled teenage rebellion followed.

    As Dana pursued high hopes in a modeling career, she was trafficked through a local tanning salon, into exotic dancing in strip clubs at age 17. Her first marriage to a male stripper/drug dealer ended with him at the gates of a prison. Living in lies, a world of illusion, in pain, struggling, and single parenting became her personal hell.

    Surrendered Showgirl…from Stripper to Saint reveals how for some people life can be a set up, creating the perfect victim. It is an absorbing journey through overwhelming circumstances, the darkness of the sex industry, and resulting in the marvelous revelation of how God redeems and restores. It shows the way of escape, how to become “New” again, be made whole and live in total freedom!


    This is a passionate story of turmoil and tragedy and a relentless pursuit of HIS Glory and Grace!
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  • *WARNING: Subject matter and descriptive content in this book may not be suitable for readers under 18 years of age.

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